Convenience, beauty and savings, all in one! SSA’s AromaKits are individually-made fabric holders containing 15 2 ml bottles, each of which holds approximately 60 drops of essential oil. Each specialty kit comes with a descriptive guide, which states the intention for the AromaKit and how each essence included contributes to that intention.

I have created the AromaKits shown below to allow you to explore different avenues and aspects of life. AromaKits allow you to experience a number of essences at significantly lower cost than the standard-sized bottles of each, and a Kit fits easily in a purse or briefcase. You can refill the bottles from standard-sized bottles offered by Shining Sun Aromatherapy. So, don’t be afraid to use them!

A Travel Kit is also available, which consists of the fabric holder and 15 empty bottles with labels, so that you can pour an AromaKit from your own essence supply. A Travel Kit is $40, plus S&H.

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