Essential Oils

Most references cite that many ancient cultures, including Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Persian, Greek and Roman, utilized essential oils to provide relief from pain, illness, distress and infection, and support the healthy functioning of the body, via healing rituals and treatments. Today, we consider essential oils “The Original Medicine of the Planet”, and I am honored to continue this sacred and ancient tradition of using natural medicines from the Plant Kingdom to support the health and well-being of humans and animals.

The essences offered in our on-line store are Wisdom of the Earth essences, a company I am proud to co-own with Barry Kapp. Our essences are produced primarily from small to mid-scale farmers/distillers, and are all hand-poured at our office near Sedona, Arizona. We offer only pure, single essential oils…exactly as they come from the plant or tree. We do not offer essence blends, essences diluted with carrier oil, or tinctures.

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